liner notes

Chant élégiaque

Music of Valentine Silvestrov has inspired this recording.


Composers represented in Postludia have something in common - an ability to recreate moments of beauty, moments of perfection that could be realized as such only after they are lost... Composers of Postludia share a lyrical, poetic gift of subtle understatement, gift of expressing through the language of music the most universal and intimate human emotions and feelings that are common to all and "unique" in every individual experience. That universality and uniqueness follows the Law - all in one and one in all.

This music does not belong to anybody, it has no beginning or end, no before or after - it simply is. It is one language, one vocabulary that is spoken here.

This recording was conceived as one composition that unfolds in itself continuously. One could look at this as a tea party, which brought together several composers that lived during the last four centuries... These composers are talking to each other, sharing their stories and very soon it becomes apparent that this story is one and same, simply told in different ways... This music was rather remembered and overheard then composed. It comes from silence and resolves into it.